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Many years ago, I bought fresh salmon at our local health food store for $17 a pound. This was fresh caught in the Alaskan waters and claimed to have less mercury in it. I was under the impression that fresh fish was better for you than frozen, until... a friend, also a sushi connoisseur, told me that truly fresh fish didn't smell bad.

I began doing some research and learned that fresh fish taken from the ocean or farm can be a weak old before going into your refrigerator. That was scary to me. Have you ever gotten fish home and then didn't want to eat it because of the smell? Well, at that point, I just quit buying fresh fish.

I switched over to frozen sword fish, but stopped buying fish altogether when I read a sign in one store that said to buy it at your own risk due to the mercury in our oceans. I stayed off fish for about three years.

We finally got tired of doing without it and I went looking on the Internet and came across Vital Choice. After reading all I could about them and their fish, we decided to try it.

Company - Vital Choice

The person who founded Vital Choice has quite a story. His name is Randy Hartnell and he's been a part of the fishing community for over 20 years. He's seen the good and the bad.

Please read his story as I missed it when I first discovered the Vital Choice website. I found it when I was putting together this page many years ago. The Vital Choice website has changed since then and the link changed. Well, I've found it again and want to ensure you see it. I love finding people who put their heart and soul into what they do because they want to make things better again. I think you'll enjoy this as much as I did. So... here's Randy Hartnell's story.

We have found the Vital Choice customer service caring and very helpful. This company is a pleasure to deal with and we highly recommend doing business with them.

Farming Practice

The Vital Choice Seafood comes from sustainable fisheries. There is an association I'd like to introduce you to called The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) so you'll understand more about Vital Choice and where they get their seafood.

MSC was founded in 1997 by Unilever and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to promote responsible fishing practices worldwide. Vital Choice is on MSC's list of approved companies that provide sustainable seafood. All of the Vital Choice salmon are certified by MSC. This means that the fisheries providing this salmon carrying the MSC label come from well-managed fisheries. They care for their fish and work to ensure the entire system that supports their fishery is preserved. You can learn more about the World Wildlife Fund and the Marine Stewardship Council by going to the WFF site.

Once the fish are caught, the fishermen have them flash frozen within hours. This means every fish is totally frozen in seconds. They are then vacuum packed and stored in -10 Degrees F so freshness is maintained. It really does taste different from any fish I've ever purchased locally.

We can honestly say, the taste is unmatched. Their quality is excellent! For a comparison on how the mercury levels of their salmon rate with other fish, view the chart "Average Methyl Mercury Levels in Common Seafood (PPM)".

Our Experience

Since beginning with Vital Choice I haven't purchased any other frozen or fresh fish since. Because of the high quality, and so nutrient dense, I don't eat as much. We are both quite satisfied with smaller portions. When money is a concern, you can always buy their canned tuna or salmon. It's better than doing without fish since you want to get the fish omega's. And... it's cooked in the can in it's own juice. This ensures the omega's are not oxidized. Their can's are also certified as free from BPA.

Shipping is Available

They ship frozen, in dry ice, right to your door. When you purchase $100 or more, you get free shipping which does help defray cost. They ensure orders are shipped to arrive before the weekend. No shipments go out that would carry over Saturday or Sunday. We have always received our shipments in good order and on time.

We joined the Vital Choice Affiliate Association many years ago and we do get compensated when any of our visitors click the following link and buy any of their products. You can also call them and give them our Code 1335. Your help is very much appreciated. This enables us to keep looking for safe, sustainable foods to tell you about. You can visit the Vital Choice website here.

If you have any questions, please just send us an email any time.

Glen and Janis Ihrig


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