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Best Rice Protein - Sun Warrior
This Month's Special

There's been some changes at Sun Warrior.

Sun Warrior Protein
Sun Warrior Protein

  • Ready for a bigger smile?
  • Would you like to save even more money?
  • How about helping out the environment along the way?

Well, instead of a 10% discount and free shipping for a three pack of Sun Warrior Protein, how about 20% discount and free shipping?

Sound better? For me it did. I was ecstatic! Sooooo much more affordable.

Here are the details of the Sun Warrior Special!

The regular price for 47 servings is $48.95 plus shipping which makes it about $55 each. But... they have a new Special that is spectacular! Even better than before!

You would normally pay $146.85 for three. Then they began having Specials with a 10% Discount and Free Shipping. I would end up paying $132.16 for the three. Now...

Buy THREE (Any combination).
Get 20% Off - Plus FREE SHIPPING
Choose your flavors: Natural, Chocolate, or Vanilla

This brings the price down to $117.48 and STILL with the free shipping. That's a $29.37 savings plus you save the shipping cost on top of that.

To Receive this Super Special

Important Note: The following instructions are important to ensure you end up with this special so refer to them as you proceed. It can get confusing so be sure and do each step. If you get confused, just give me a call or email.

Go to:

Sun Warrior


Follow These Steps

  1. Very Important... On the Sun Warrior home page, look to the right on the main top menu for "FreeShipping/Specials"
  2. Click on that and select "Value Packs" on the drop down menu.
  3. Now, you'll see several options but to get the three Sunwarrior Protein Packs, scroll down to the fourth option.
  4. You'll see "3 Sunwarrior Protien Bulk Special FREE shipping plus 20% off"
  5. Once you click "Buy Now" - you'll be able to select your flavors.
  6. Just scroll down to see the three options and use the drop down menu for each one. If you want all Vanilla, just go to each i.e., "Select 1st Flavor..., Select 2nd Flavor... and Select 3rd Flavor..." - You have to do each one indicating the flavor of your choice.
  7. Then, scroll down to "Add Items to Cart" - just indicate 1 for one set of three. (Don't put 3 in unless you want 9 actual packages.)
  8. Scroll down and check your total - it will be $132.16, but to get the actual discount total...
  9. Fill in the form on the left hand side of the screen to "Estimate Shipping and Tax" - click quote, and you'll see the right discount of $29.37 giving you the Grand Total of $117.48.
  10. Click "Proceed to Checkout" right below your "Grand Total" when you see the right discounted price.
  11. Register as a new customer so you can receive your invoice and tracking information.

If things don't go as expected, or you have any questions, just give me a call or send me an email. You'll be saving close to $30 plus the free shipping, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you need help.


P.S. Sun Warrior does have other Specials going on. You can follow the above instructions to find out about them as well. But... this 3 Pack is the best, in my opinion.

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