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How We Choose!

Food for Cells - Our Basic Building Blocks

We look for companies, farmers, or growers that support life on the cellular level as well as the whole life form. It is important for us to keep in mind the following areas when evaluating any product:

  • microorganisms
  • plants
  • animals
  • people

For instance, soil is alive with the smallest microorganisms. These small organisms take in finely ground rock dust resulting in the creation of protoplasm. This protoplasm is the necessary living element in all living cells.

The basic plant structures grown on soil take in protoplasm through their tiny root hairs and grow into rigorous and hardy plants. Animals ingesting these plants with high protoplasm content are strong, energetic and robust. The higher the percentage of protoplasm which has been created by the microorganisms eating rock dust, the more nutrient dense food becomes.

Sustainable and Ethical Organic Farming

If plants are grown in a sustainable manner or are grown following ethical organic guidelines, then people as well as animals eating the food have a better chance of getting high quality nutrition. We look for sustainable farming methods or ethical organic methods when selecting our foods.

We also look for other factors, such as the care and slaughter of food animals. The growers or farmers who take pride in their work usually consider this innately. We look for companies, farmers and growers who are always looking for ways to improve their quality of food that they take to the market.

Our Small Farmers Need Support

The growers or farmers, prior to the 1800's were seeking optimum farming methods. The chemical industry infiltrated agricultural procedures and today our small farmers are struggling to hold onto their basic farming principles while trying to make a living. If you watch "Grocery Store Wars" you'll understand more about what our small family farms are up against.

We support these small farmers and ask that you do as well. They care about the quality of food they grow while keeping in mind you and I, the people, who rely on their good farming practices to live.

We came across an inspiring website that has a lot of valuable information about small farms around the world. We invite you to take a look at Country Living and Farm Lifestyles! It's a Worldwide Farmers' Market with many beautiful pictures. You'll find information on categories like Farm Food, Farm Accommodation, Game Farms, Wine Farms, Farming Jobs, Farm Swaps, Rural Services, Country Living and much, much more.

We thought we'd share this website to encourage you to buy local and support your local farmers wherever you live in the world. We recommend you bookmark their site so you can check back as they continue to provide new information. Oh yes, share their website with others. We really want to encourage people to move back to real farming again.

One last note - as you view our website...

We are expanding our site to include products and services that support healthy living. As we come across other healthy living websites that have a positive value, we'll be adding their links here.

Organic Consumers Association

We may find a company that provides products or services that we support but has other items that we do not support. Please know we publish and recommend the products that we have reviewed. If it isn't on our website, we may not have reviewed it or we did review it and we did not find it acceptable for one reason or another. You are welcome to ask us about any products or service you don't see here. Just send us an email.

Glen and Janis Ihrig

*Reference: "Survival of Civilization" - John Hamaker and Donald Weaver


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