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"Plankton from the Sea"

Microscopic Plankton

New Food Source - Marine Phytoplankton

We have eaten Spirulina and other microscopic foods from lakes and ponds for some time now. From what I have learned, the Marine Phytoplankton have never been available to man as a food. It has only been available through the food chain where higher life forms eat lower life forms. It shouldn't be confused with other phytoplankton. There are many varieties of plankton but they are not all directly from the sea. Phytoplankton Differences

Spectacular Spring Bloom

When I learned about the Marine Phytoplankton as a food, I got very excited. Glen and I actually witnessed the phytoplankton bloom, a spectacular light show out in the ocean just outside of Santa Barbara. Such magnificent beauty. A very impressive site I'll never forget.

Our Choices

We've evaluated two products. Both are excellent and seem to do different things even though they are both marine phytoplankton.

Oceans Alive, Marine Phytoplankton - This company is selective in it's phytoplankton species, indicating that there is only one type that is super beneficial for the human body. It is uniquely processed in a purified ocean water concentrate which has the power to preserve the marine phytoplankton in suspended animation.

Oceans Alive is sold through Sunfood Nutrition. They have a search box you can search for phytoplankton or Oceans Alive. It usually ships within 48 hours once the order is placed.

Umac-Core, Marine Phytoplankton - This product comes from a sea farm in British Columbia. The owner of this farm is Tom Harper, who shares his story. We invite you to take some time to watch Another Day and learn how Tom came upon this Marine Phytoplankton as food for man.

You'll learn how his farm is helping man become better nourished while at the same time, helping to create more oxygen in the air. It's a wonderful story and you may want to see it few times.

The best place to purchase the Umac-Core, Marine Phytoplankton is from Iherb. If this is your first visit to Iherb, you can get some money off your first purchase. Just pick up the Referral Coupon Code and instructions at our Iherb page on Natural Healthy Eating.

Our Experience

We did not have either product mentioned above when we first found out about marine phytoplankton. You should read about our first experience before going further. It was about two years before we found Oceans Alive and Umac-Core.

I bought both at the same time as I wanted to see which was better. After taking both for a few months we seem to not need as much. We cut back to only a few times a week. We are able to determine what supplements we need because we muscle test them before taking.

I am different than Glen and our needs are different. I usually take only one at a time. Glen normally takes both. But, again, this does vary. Bodies are so different.

The marine phytoplankton products are definitely worth trying. Try both if you have the money. If money is a factor, start with the Umac-Core first and see how that works for you. It is less expensive.

Since I am always looking for variety, I do recommend both to keep on hand and take as needed as they definitely are different.

We, at Arkadia's Choice, are interested in joining others who are making positive changes in the world. We are creating a better world and invite you to join us. Can this new food help? We think so.

You can also call us at 818-237-4423 and we'll be happy to help you with any questions.

Glen and Janis Ihrig


The information we share on this site and this page is what we personally experience and does not mean another person will experience the same thing. The information has not been evaluated by the FDA.

The information on this page is not meant to mislead anyone. The Marine Phytoplankton is a food and it is not assumed or implied that it can cure or heal any disease. This food is pure nutrition and contributes to the body's ability to use it to function.

If you are ill or under the care of a health practitioner, please ensure you consult him/her before starting any new food if that is appropriate for you.


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