pH Basics

What is pH

Literally pH means potential or power of hydrogen. The more hydrogen ions in solution, the more acidic the solution. The less hydrogen ions in solution, the more alkaline the solution.

A scale was devised to measure the acidity or alkalinity of an aqueous solution (a solution containing water). It is called a pH scale and expresses the acidity or alkalinity of a solution from 0 to 14.

The pH Scale
Acid Neutral Alkaline
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

The number 7 is neutral. The numbers 1 through 6.9 indicate more and more "Acid" (1 being the strongest acid). The numbers 7.1 through 14 indicate more and more "Alkaline" (14 being the most alkaline). To be healthy, the blood MUST maintain a pH in the neutral zone between 7.3 and 7.4.

Why is Monitoring Your Blood pH so Important?

The answer lies in another good book to read on this subject. "The pH Miracle" by Dr. Robert O. Young. Here's what he has to say.

"The pH level of our internal fluids affects every cell in our bodies. The entire metabolic process depends on an alkaline environment. Chronic over acidity corrodes body tissue, and if left unchecked, will interrupt all cellular activities and functions, from the beating of your heart to the neural firing of your brain. In other words, over acidity interferes with life itself. It is at the root of all sickness and disease." pg.5

The importance here for our purpose is this - YOU can test your urine and saliva yourself using a simple pH test paper and color chart to get an accurate indication of how your blood pH is doing. Here are the key points.

  • Your blood should maintain a pH between 7.3 - 7.4
  • It must remain between 7.3 - 7.4 which is slightly alkaline to maintain good health.
  • Your urine and saliva pH will help you monitor your blood pH.

Learn How to Control Your Own pH

To start controlling your own health, you'll need to learn how to keep the blood pH in the optimum acid alkaline range. What you learn should be applied to everyday living to help you manage your own health.

We come across information and resources having to do with pH regularly and let others know through our newsletter. This information is not taught in school. It is not taught by the majority of professional healthcare providers, although they know about it and use it for there specific purposes.

We are not doctors, our purpose is to educate you by sharing what we learn. We have been studying alternative health concepts for over 30 years. More and more books have been published about the pH factor and health since the early 1990's.

The basic concepts of pH were in my high school text books. I was not taught how to use them to preserve my health. They were never applied by any doctor that attended me throughout my entire life. I am very happy to know about it now and be able to do something effective in support of my own health after all these years.

An informative book to get you started which also has the pH strips and instructions included is "The pH System Book" by Dr. Mark Cochran. It costs $7.95 plus shipping and you can purchase it by going to Why Plankton. Once there, scroll down and click on "Click Here to Buy Books and DVD's" then look for the link "The pH System Book" on the left and click that. You'll be there.

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Janis Ihrig,
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