Health Talk - Uncovering Lost Treasures

"Health Talk - Uncovering Lost Treasures" is our newsletter and has been around for years.. Here are the details of what you will find:

  • Notification of new healthy living and healthy foods articles.
  • Reviews of the latest product research.
  • Best place to purchase products for price and quality.

Our newsletter draws material from our two websites:

  • Arkadia's Choice - which we want to focus more on natural healthy living, (the website you are currently visiting) and...
  • Natural Healthy Eating - which is all about our research on natural healthy eating. We invite you to visit anytime.

This allows you to reap the benefits from both areas, but only if you are interested. We'll give you a summary and link to each new full article. No need to visit if you aren't interested, but you can keep up to date as you feel necessary.

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Health Talk History

We began Arkadia's Choice back in 2001, as a site that provided information about safe non-toxic household products. But things in the food industry were changing to the point where I became really concerned about our food sources.

We shifted Arkadia's Choice over to a "Safe Food Product Review" site, and used our Health Talk newsletter to share our discoveries by email.

When I discovered a better way to build a website faster and reach more people, I began creating our Natural Healthy Eating website. This was in April 2008, and it turned out to be a great way to really spread the word to help people learn more about the food industry.

I discovered people were not aware of the subtle changes taking place with our foods. They didn't know there were truly healthy foods and then very unhealthy foods, much less how to tell the difference.

I have seen our society dividing in two, one having very high ethics in healthy food standards and the other, just the opposite - promoting lies and being deceitful in their growing, manufacturing and marketing techniques.

Over the last 28 years, Glen and I have studied so much having to do with maintaining a healthy environment as well. It seemed a shame to neglect this part of our knowledge base.

We decided to shift Arkadia's Choice over to educational information about healthy living while continuing on with Natural Healthy Eating as our main focus of healthy foods.

Health Talk - Uncovering Lost Treasures is taking on a broader information base. Anyone wishing to improve their lives will be able to choose which articles to read and which to neglect as seems appropriate at the time.

See you again soon,

Glen and Janis Ihrig

Health Talk - Uncovering Lost Treasures

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