Mini Movies - Featuring

Leo & Moophius in

"The Meatrix"

You'll see the humor in this film while seeing the critical point we our facing in our society regarding the elimination of our local family farms.

This mini movie was produced by Free Range Studios in collaboration with Grace (Global Resource Action Center for the Environment).

Take time to see this short movie and then investigate "The Meatrix" website. It's a very positive feeling to know people are doing something about the inhumane treatment of farm animals.

Your help is needed. You'll find many ways to help on their website. It's as simple as sending other people to see "The Meatrix." Take a look. It's wonderful doing things like this as you are helping to make the world a better place while receiving that special feeling of personal satisfaction because you are able to contribute.

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So, here's the link. Have fun and we'll see you again soon.

Glen and Janis Ihrig

The Whole Truth

Take some time to watch this mini movie on the menu above. It's produced by The Wholefood Farmacy.

The first half is an informative documentary showing a link between some common diseases we have today and the change in our overall eating habits over the last 50 years.

If you want some solutions on eating better but don't want to spend much time buying or preparing it, watch the last half.

I have been enjoying their foods for about 3 years now. I eat it because it's great tasting, super fast to serve, and very nutritious.

Check it out. -Janis

Note: They do have a wholesale food buying referral program and we participate in it.