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Green Lipped Mussel Oil - The Best

Green lipped mussel caused me to take a really good look at all the omega 3 fatty acid sources recently. I recieved an email from a highly acclaimed health journalist, Mike Adams, telling me about a new product that is getting pretty stellar results which contain the Omega 3's.

After doing quite a bit of research we are reviewing three different categories of omega 3 oil supplements.

If you haven't read my two articles on "Omega 3" and "Fish Oil Supplements" on our educational website, you might want to read those first. You'll have more understanding why we present these particular facts.

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Green Lipped Mussel Oil

Now here is the surprize. First off, I never heard of green lipped mussel but after seeing what they look like and learning more about them, I am understanding why they are such a high potency omega 3 oil. Here's why...

I am talking about a particular company's product here although I know there are other companies selling green lipped muscle products. Not all green lipped mussel products are created equal and after doing quite a bit of research, I feel confident the product I am buying comes from a company that is truly ethical with the highest standards.

This green lipped muscle oil that we are taking is grown in a sustainable manner in one of the most pristine waters on our planet. Their growing processes are monitored daily by the Ministry of Agriculture of New Zealand to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

After doing much research in this area, I am understanding how important it is to select the omega 3 oil supplements from the cleanest waters. The standard way the fish oil supplement industry handles pollutants is to heat the oils above 300 degrees F which reduces the effectiveness of the oils. This became very real to me when I compared the results to this green lipped mussel oil supplement.

This green lipped mussel oil is processed without heat and to prevent oxidation when in the capsule, they are using a highly potent antioxidant, from the grapeseed husk. It's also grown sustainably from the same area and with very high processing standards as well.

Now here's some figures that blew me away and really caused me to try it over a very high quality salmon oil. There is scientific evidence that the omega 3 source of this green lipped mussel oil has an anti-inflammatory value which is 247 times more effective than salmon oil. It does cost more per bottle but I'm actually getting a lot more than I've ever gotten from any omega 3 supplement. This was really exciting to me since I am at an age that I can really use this help.

Our Experience

After taking the green lipped mussel oil for 10 days I began experiencing more and more positive effects in my life. For one thing, I'm happier, with more hope for the future, (although our world has so much negativity being generated on the television and over the Internet).

I hurt my toe one night which resulted in a lot of pain. This happened after being on the product for about a month. I fully expected my foot to be black and blue and swollen the next day, but when I got up, it didn't even hurt. Their was a very small bruise under the toe that took the impact. With the pain I encountered, I did not expect to have such a mild result.

After four months on the product, I could definitely tell my memory was improving. It didn't happen right away but it has definitely improved after four months. It was no fun starting to do something and then forgetting what I was about to do. This is no longer the case.

Glen has been applying the oil topically. He's had a few skin problems that began after turning 50. He's seeing them deminish. It's slow but they are reducing with daily applications.

These changes never happened with other omega 3 supplements we have taken in the past. So, YES - we are both very impressed and have hope that you may have similar results. These results are definitely worth having. But we know everyone is different. Your needs may be different as well. What I have tried to do here is to give you enough information to make an educated decision before you purchase your next omega 3 supplement.

If you could use a lift and feel more positive about your life, this may be the best choice. There's much more to say about the benefits you may encounter but there's a better way to tell you about it.

We have started a new website that you will find more detail on the Green Lipped Mussel and the Omega 3's. We joined Mike Adams' group (I mentioned Mike earlier as the health journalist) and became distributors and are a part of his team. It's really great because we can take a more active role in helping to educate people around the world. By being a part of this group, we are able to provide you with this video presentation which will give you a lot more information. You will also be able to go to the company website where you can find more information about this impressive omega 3 oil.

Please call or email us anytime with questions by going to our contact page.

Disclaimer: The information we share on this site is what we personally observe and experience, and does not mean another person will observe or experience the same thing.

We provide the information for educational purposes only and is not meant to mislead anyone. We encourage you to consult with your health care provider if you are looking for medical attention or advice. The information here has not been clinically proven or evaluated by the FDA. We do not profess to cure or prevent any disease.


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