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A Green Drink - 93 Ingredients
And... the Best We've Ever Tasted!

The green drink that we drink every day has more natural ingredients than we have found in any other supplement of this type. The taste is really superior to all others we've tried.

NatureRich Greens
NatureRich Greens

"NatureRich Greens is a power-packed dietary supplement that is formulated with 93 quality ingredients including a unique blend of nature's most beneficial greens, minerals, herbs, vitamins, enzymes, sprouts, antioxidants, probiotics, sea trace minerals and fiber."


This is important to us because our bodies are made of complex parts requiring many types of nutrients. For more understanding of this you can read Super Supplements - Why Take Them?.

Benefits We Get From Taking It

We use it in our breakfast drink every day because it helps to create a really nutritious meal to start out with and keeps our attention off food for several hours. We are so much more productive. Whenever we have tried a different green drink supplement in our breakfast smoothie, it's quite a let-down.

Easy to Fix

It comes with a little green scoop (1 tablespoon) in the container and then, just follow the simple instructions on the container. Or... you can get creative like we do.

I make a smoothie every morning for breakfast. I make a blender full of this drink using 4 scoops of these greens with our other ingredients. This amount of greens is enough to satisfy our needs for both breakfast and lunch.

Glen and I, each, end up getting a 16 oz drink for breakfast and an 8 oz drink to go with our lunch. It's like having desert for lunch because it's so good and leaves us very satisfied.

I have to tell you that by letting it sit until lunch, it tastes even better than it does for breakfast. I think it's because all the ingredients co-mingle with each other and some sort of synergy happens. We love it.

About NatureRich

Glen and I have been Independent Distributors for NatureRich since 2002 and truly love their products. Here's an inspirational story on how this company came to be.

They are very particular about bringing safe, wholesome products to the marketplace. Here is an enjoyable and enlightening video showing the variety of NatureRich products that we use.

How Much Does It Cost?

We buy our products at wholesale prices and some we buy even cheaper when we get quantity discounts. You have a choice, you can pay retail prices or become a member for $29.95 and buy at the wholesale rates.

If you are interested in becoming an Independent Distributor to earn extra money, call me - (818) 237-4423. If no interest right now, continue reading, there's lots of ways to benefit...

A container of the NatureRich Greens sells retail for $47 right now. If you become a member, you will pay less per container. You can view the retail prices but to get the wholesale prices you'll need to call. See more information on this below.

Buy Now and Save

Special Offer

First - you'll need our Distributor ID Number:  ID 96273.   Write it down on a piece of paper to have it available after the next few steps.

To get the specific information and who to call, click on the NatureRich, "Special Offer" link below. When you arrive, if you don't see the words "Special Offer" inside a box, scroll down. You'll see the phone number to call in the box as well.

  • Read the information on the page and in the box.
  • Call them up.
  • Tell them you want to get the Special Offer with your order.
  • Give them our Distributor Number:

       ID 96273  (Be sure and write this down.)

Special Offer

If you need more help, just call me at 818-237-4423

Janis Ihrig

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