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The information we share on this site is what we personally observe and experience and does not mean another person will observe or experience the same thing.

We provide the information for educational purposes only and is not meant to mislead anyone. We encourage you to consult with your health care provider if you are looking for medical attention or advice. The information here has not been clinically proven or evaluated by the FDA. We do not profess to cure or prevent any disease.

About Us

We select products that promise a higher quality of living.

Arkadia's Choice was founded in 2001 so that we could share our research of 20 years with others. We are not of the scientific community. Our research is solely from our own observations and conclusions. We learn from others and evaluate for ourselves what we share.

Observe for yourself to see if what we find is true for you. It may not be, but that does not make either one of us wrong. Life has many aspects to it and we all grow and learn from our differences and similarities.

We invite you to use our selections with an open heart. Let us know what you observe. We treasure your communication. Share what you discover with us and others.

Glen and Janis Ihrig