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Chia Seeds - A Highly Nutritious Food

Chia Seeds - Our Choice and Why

The chia seeds you see here are very large. The actual size of one seed is about as large as pin a head. The various colors are the way the come from the plants. Chia Seeds Magnified
Chia Seeds Magnified

I found a particular brand called Chian which I consider better than others. Chia seeds are not all the same nutritionally. From what I have read, the quality depends on the correct growing procedures and the location of the land.

The chia seeds were brought back as a commercial food having been purposely eliminated over 400 years ago. The growing of this food had to be rediscovered and developed. This was done through a special project called the Northwestern Argentina Regional Project.

Because of this project, we are presented with a truly nutritious food that is unlike all the other grains we have been eating for hundreds of years. When grown properly, in the correct locations on our planet, we are ensured of the highest quality of nutrition from the plant.

I tested this by eating the Chian chia seeds for several months. When I ran out, I purchased another brand from my local health food store. I ended up throwing them out. They were not uplifting and I didn't feel anything positive from eating them. When I was able to get Chian again I could definitely tell the difference. I am very sensitive to the foods I eat, good and bad, so it's important to me to eat the highest quality when I can get it.

Then the Chian brand of chia was discontinued as a product from the grower/manufacturer. I was able to locate some before they ran out of stock at one online store, so I bought up 10 packages. And then... when those ran out, I didn't have a replacement.

I later learned the company had been sold. And the new company was not going to sell the chia as a whole grain. They were a network marketing company and had plans to create a new milled product out of it and sell it for a lot more money. Too bad... I loved the Chian chia.

There is a happy ending to this story. It has taken more than a couple of years though. The person who originally put together the Chian product re-entered to game of supplying the best chia seeds to the world again. I was a little leary about trying out the new replacement but I had to see. And yes, I wasn't disappointed. This new chia had the same ring of exceptional quality that I loved with the Chian.

You can try this out for yourself. It's an excellent price as well and ships from Arizona. Just go to AZChia and try it. I use the whole chia, not the milled. Also I buy the variegated, not the white. It's a preference you might want to test for yourself.

If you'd like to read more about this super food you can go to our our other website Natural Healthy Eating where I've written more detail.

Glen and Janis Ihrig

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