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We always look for free range (poultry), grassfed (beef or bison), without grains of any sort, to ensure we get safe, clean food. Why Grass Fed? The Lindner Grassfed Bison satisfy our criteria with flying colors.

Company - Lindner Bison

The Lindner Bison Heritage Ranch is located in Northern California.Kathy and Ken Lindner
Kathy and Ken Lindner
The Lindners recently purchased their own land so as to develop the property to the ideal grazing land for their heritage bison. They practice sustainable agriculture as well as humane husbandry which is truly refreshing to find in today's society.

Farming Practice

They raise their bison on pastured land during the summer months and provide them with dry grass during the winter. Their bison are grass finished which means they do not give them grains to fatten them up before market. This is important when making comparisons. Always look for grassfed and grass finished before you buy.

They do not use barbed wire in their fencing. They use natural diatomaceous earth for parasite control instead of toxic chemicals. They do not give them grains or corn at all so thereLindner's 7 Year Old Bison Bull
Lindner's 7 year old bison bull
is no risk in being exposed to altered foods containing toxic chemicals, animal by-products, or genetically modified organisms. They do not use hormones or antibiotics, and they do not dehorn, castrate or artificially inseminate.

This equates to some very positive results. By implementing slow, low-stress management as their primary focus, their bison are able to enjoy life.

Our Experience

We are definitely pleased with what we found and highly recommend this product. When we began eating their bison three times a week for breakfast, this is what we found:
  • Similar taste to beef but more flavorful
  • Satisfied with less
  • Easy to digest
  • More stamina throughout the day (we eat it for breakfast)
  • Cooks very fast
  • Very little fat residue in pan after cooking (if any at all)

Shipping is Available

They ship frozen bison to your door and you do have a wide selection to choose from. Small or large orders are acceptable.

It is a privilege for us to share this information and encourage you to visit the Lindner website and take a closer look.

The Lindner Bison Website

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