Mini Movies - Featuring

Beginner's Luck

"Featuring the original 'Spanky'"

If you remember "Little Rascals" or "Our Gang" you'll know Spanky! I don't know how I found this today, but it was quite by accident. I don't remember ever seeing this particular episode but I found myself laughing outloud and feeling like this was too good to keep to myself (particularly at the end - totally hilarious!) I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Do one thing for a week and watch the difference in your day. First thing in the morning, start the day with something really funny to watch, or something totally uplifting like a song you love, or some fantastic video. It will set your pace for the day with a smile on your face.

Glen and Janis Ihrig

The Whole Truth

Take some time to watch this mini movie on the menu above. It's produced by The Wholefood Farmacy.

The first half is an informative documentary showing a link between some common diseases we have today and the change in our overall eating habits over the last 50 years.

If you want some solutions on eating better but don't want to spend much time buying or preparing it, watch the last half.

I have been enjoying their foods for about 3 years now. I eat it because it's great tasting, super fast to serve, and very nutritious.

Check it out. -Janis

Note: They do have a wholesale food buying referral program and we participate in it.