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What's the right food for you?

We play "Blind Man's Bluff" in attempting to select the right foods for our needs. Will you win? You can, eventually, if you change the way you think about food.

What makes life worth living?

Do you have any goals? Name some goals that really make sense to you and make progress on them. Eating goes a whole lot smoother when you eat foods that help you perform while working toward real goals that matter to you.

Name Your Goal and then Select Your Food

You will have more success getting your body to act the way you want it to when you eat to support your goals than you would if you eat for pleasure or for healthy reasons only. I am not saying that eating for pleasure or health should be avoided. I am just saying to get the basic reasons for eating in the right perspective. Then all should go better.

Negative or No Goals May Equal Poor Health

If you have negative or no goals in life, you may be witnessing a deterioration of your physical form. The food you are selecting may be contributing to a reduction in health even though you try to eat healthy food. Having a goal or goals that you are making progress toward is senior to the quality of the food you are eating. But in the end, food quality may be important in supporting your physical form adequately to assist you in reaching your goals.

Health as a Goal

If you are concerned about curing a particular disease, you may have a hard time if that is your only goal. A better way to move away from a diseased body would be to select a few goals that you really want to attain in life.

You can select "a healthy body" but by itself, you won't get very far either. Select a goal that requires your body to 'DO' something. Food and action go together which aligns to a real goal that you sincerely want to attain. Name your goals and see if your eating habits change.

Janis Ihrig,
Student of Healthy Living - a Lifetime Education


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